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Residential Retractable Sunroom

residential swimming pool enclosures

Shelter is proudly providing a broad range of fully retractable safety pool enclosures with the highest certified quality. Owning your precious outdoor swimming pool cover with Shelter retractable enclosure can be the most rewarding investment that you make to your home and your sense of health, enjoyment and well-being.

retractable patio enclosures

Shelter offers several retractable residential patio enclosure options to enhance your residential lifestyle. Our patio enclosure provides you with unobstructed views, better ventilation, and protection from unpredictable weather.

greenhouse enclosures

Shelter’s retractable greenhouse is a perfect addition to any residential outdoor space. The most fabulous highlight of Shelter’s retractable greenhouse solution is that the motorization and climate control function. It will give you a warm and cozy spaces of all seasons for year-round.
retractable greenhouse enclosure - freestanding sunroom - shelter sunroom

hot tub enclosure

Shelter’s retractable hot tub enclosure provides a perfect solution for the outdoor hot tub. Our retractable hot tub enclosure solution can help to protect your hot tub from the potential damage of unpredictable weather that may cause, and enclosed sides to protect the room temperature from the crisp chill of the wind while you are soaking in the spa.