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Sunshield Waterproof Retractable Sunroom – Waterproof Test


Even many people have known the advantage of the retractable sunroom, such as flexibility, insulation, and so on. However, many people are still hesitating and looking on from the sideless. It is because compared with the freestanding sunroom, many customers are worried about the waterproof performance of the retractable sunroom.

Now, this video will show you the waterproof characteristics of Sunshield Sunroom. There are some hidden flumes in the frame of the waterproof retractable sunroom. And they can form a water diversion network and make the water can be drained down the sink instead of entering into the room. The connection of the modules is configured with EPDM strips and brushes. What’s more, the sliding rails have the block to achieve the effect that the water will not pour back into the room.

The advanced designs greatly improve waterproof performance. If you want to know more information about Sunshield Waterproof Retractable Sunroom, welcome to contact us.

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