Auto Retractable Roof For Commercial Projects


Why Retractable Roof?

Automatic retractable roof makes it flexible to change the indoor environment to outdoor space conversely within a minute. It can be used in swimming pools, stadium, conservatories, restaurants, cafes, bars, and other facilities wishing to provide both open-air experience and indoor comfort.

Automatic Roof upon swimming pool

An automatic roof can be installed upon the swimming pool, which makes it look stunning and creates a new appeal. What’s more, it provides a perfect luxurious swimming experience, swim under the strong sun without getting burnt in the daytime or enjoys the starry sky through a transparent rooftop at night.

Auto Telescopic Pool Enclosure For Hotel/SPA/Resort


Perfect luxurious swimming experience

The automatic telescopic pool enclosure provides you perfect luxurious swimming experience. A telescopic pool enclosure is a stunning cover for your swimming pool and creates a new appeal. What’s more, it has many advantages besides that:

☑Make it possible to swim in adverse weather

☑Keep the pool free from debris

☑Protect the pool from damage UV rays

☑Keep warm in winter and cool in summer

☑Reduce the costs of maintaining the pool, like chlorine, etc.