Modern Sun Rooms: A Leading Trend In Outdoor Living


Modern Sun Rooms are becoming increasingly popular today, as more and more homeowners and commercial properties owners are coming to realize the true benefits of these practical, flexible, attractive and cosy additions.

Emerging Modern Sun Rooms Meet Large Demand

Traditional sunrooms are disappearing due to several reasons. Firstly, Traditional Sunrooms are made of steel structure and glass, which are costly not only because of the materials but also the labour cost. Secondly, they may have air leakage problem, due to the fact that some constructors have not handled properly. Thirdly, as glass is a poor insulator for heat, Traditional Sun Rooms made of glass are sweltering at high temperature. All of these reasons limit the use of Traditional Sun Rooms.
Nowadays, Modern Sun Rooms provide the perfect experience, due to the development of Sunroom technology and construction. They can slot gacor control the entry of the sun’s heat and damage UV rays, yet let in plenty of sunlight.

Premium quality of Modern Sun Rooms

Sunshield, one of the leading companies in the outdoors prefabricated building industry, has mastered the art of creating breathtaking and unique practical sunroom enclosures, undertaking plenty of sunroom projects.
“One of the favourable factors with polycarbonate panels is their high resistance to heat and cold. Also, high-grade PC panels can block 98% of UV rays. Therefore, Modern Sunroom’s wall is usually made from glass or polycarbonate panels while the roof is made from polycarbonate panels,” said Summer judi slot online jackpot terbesar Chou of Sunshield. “We build the frame with Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6, which shows the gorgeous colour and never rust after Electrophoretic Painting Processes. Then, we covered it with transparent polycarbonate panels.”
“Before the prefab Rooftop Enclosure can be shipped as a kit, our engineers would assemble to complete the quality test, assuring that our Sun Rooms meet the requirement of wind and slot online yang sering kasih jackpot snow loads.”

More New Products for Outside Entertaining

Modern Sun Rooms are versatile and widely used to build an outdoor entertainment space in residential properties and commercial space. With outdoor appliances, these outdoor entertainment space have become the most popular “room” in the house or commercial properties. From backyard fireplaces to outdoor dining and living room areas, the options when designing the outside spaces are nearly endless.

Increasing commercial properties owners and homeowners desire to build Modern Sun Rooms as an investment. There is a huge demand of Modern Sun Rooms in the market and we are busy with answering calls every day. Last year, we completed dozen of sunroom projects. ”

The Future of Sun Rooms

In the near future, Modern Sunroom will change into Smart Sunroom, which respond to the needs of the users by controlling and monitoring connected home devices from smartphones or other networked devices with AI system.


Cooperating with companies that specialize in advanced lighting IoT (Internet of Things), HVAC system, and other smart home technologies, Sunshield invests largely in the R&D department to invent the upcoming generation sunroom.


If you are unsure or have questions about planning your sunroom space, Sunshield can help! Our design consultants are product experts and can help you determine the best type of sunroom to meet your needs and lifestyle. Schedule a free quote now!

18+ Cool Decor Ideas for Your Sunroom Enclosure

Home Sunroom Decor - Retratable Patio Enclosures - Add on Roof Sunroom - Sunshield

If you have focused on our social platforms like Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram, you would find that we love talking about how great the polycarbonate sunroom are and always share some ideas for sunroom decor.

Sunroom offers not only natural light in the daytime hours and views of the landscape situs judi slot online terpercaya but also a comfortable space to relax in the evening. We’ve gathered for you a bunch of sunroom decor ideas how this room can be designed. You judi slot online jackpot terbesar can use some of them for your home sunroom project.

Home Patio Enclosures Decor

The first tradition sunrooms showed up in the 17th century. They gained popularity by the 19th century when materials such as steel and large panes of glass were more slot pragmatic gacor affordable and readily available.

Pool Enclosure - Low line Polycarbonate Pool Enclosures - Sunroom & Pool Enclosure - Telescopic - Sunshield_Jc

Home Sunroom Decor Ideas

Other than that, there are some sunroom decor ideas for public/commercial sunroom enclosure projects.

Greenhouse - Conservatory - Large Sunroom - Polycarbonate Sunroom - flower garden sunhouse - Sunshield Shelter_Jc

Commercial Sunroom Decor Ideas

Retractable sunroom enclosures envolved from the traditional sunroom which has bellowed benefits.

Flexible Space Extention

Removable Pool Cover - Add on Roof Patio Enclosure - Movable Patio Awnings - Sunshield

Compared with the traditional glass sunroom, telescopic sunroom and enclosure would not be limited to the existing building. It could both add-on roof and build independently.
Besides, with high strengthen but light aluminum alloy and flexible polycarbonate panel, it can be fabricated into many modern styles.

Smart Card

smart card - auto sunroom entrance - movabel sunroom - who build auto sunroom in USA

Modern movable pool cover/sunroom enclosures can be safely closed and locked for your maximum safety. Everything is under your control.
View More the Difference Between Traditional Sunroom & Modern Mobile Sunroom (Polycarbonate Vs Glass)

Easy Control

Door and Window Rolling System - movable pool cover -motorized retractable awnings -inground swimming pool enclosures - SUNSHIELD

With smooth sliding rail system, you can easily open and close the sunroom in one minute. Besides, with SUNSHIELD automated drive system, mobile enclosure eliminates the need to manually push the enclosure when opening or closing.

Top Quality

High Strength Aluminum Alloy - Why Alum better than steel - Aluminum Sunroom - AA6061

Why should you choose aluminum sunroom nor the steel one?
Maintenance Free Using the anodized aluminum and electrophoresis surface finish, you don’t worry the rust & corrosion;
Easy to Install aluminum structures can weigh 35 -65% less than steel while providing equivalent strength. It is easy to deliver and assemble. Sunshield Team has prefabricated some components which save much installation time for you.