Commercial Retractable Roof Skylight

Retractable Roof Skylight

Functionality of Retractable Roof Skylight

Retractable Roof, or Retractable skylight, is designed to roll back the roof on tracks so that the interior of the facility is open to the outdoors.

Previously, Retractable skylight is typically seen at athletic venues, and also in the Commercial Greenhouses and garden centers. Nowadays, it is generally used for commercial projects, such as shopping malls and building reception halls, to enhance the environment. What’s more, it is perfect for covering verandas, yards, restaurants terraces, cafés, hotels, discos, casinos, museums and etc.

Superior Design of Retractable Skylight

One of the great benefit of Retractable Skylight is that it let natural daylight in, providing a more positive environment. Shopping malls can use skylights to highlight whole environment in a clean, bright setting, and offer a unique experience that customers will keep coming back for.

Advantage of choosing Sunshield

With factory direct pricing, Sunshield’s Retractable Roof Skylights are considered to be an economical method of enhancing commercial outdoor area.

Sunshield is able to guarantee quality of the Telescopic Roof, making it a perfect fit for coverings of hotels, shopping malls, train stations, museums, stadiums, swimming pools, and sports centers.

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Auto Retractable Roof For Commercial Projects


Why Retractable Roof?

Automatic retractable roof makes it flexible to change the indoor environment to outdoor space conversely within a minute. It can be used in swimming pools, stadium, conservatories, restaurants, cafes, bars, and other facilities wishing to provide both open-air experience and indoor comfort.

Automatic Roof upon swimming pool

An automatic roof can be installed upon the swimming pool, which makes it look stunning and creates a new appeal. What’s more, it provides a perfect luxurious swimming experience, swim under the strong sun without getting burnt in the daytime or enjoys the starry sky through a transparent rooftop at night.