Outdoor Restaurant Enclosures

Outdoor Restaurant Enclosures-Transparent Polycarbonate

Versatile Outdoor Restaurant Enclosures

Outdoor Restaurant Enclosures are the ideal solution for expanding the outdoor space of restaurants, hotel, resorts, and tourist centers. Sunroom’s wall are usually made from glass or polycarbonate panels while the roof are made from polycarbonate panels. Sunshield restaurant patio enclosures protect the restaurant and cafe  from rain, wind, snow, bugs, and other debris etc. What’s more, increasing people upgrade their outdoor living space (balcony, porch, patio or deck) with Sunshield’s Enclosures.

Restaurant Enclosures offer tremendous benefits

Once installing Sunshield Outdoor Restaurant Enclosures, restaurants can acquire greater commercial value, with a quick return of investment. They help to increase the number of tables for clients, and extend the opening time in adverse weather, while at the same time generating more profits. Furthermore, these transparent enclosures add great appeal and enhance the dining experience.

With Sunshield Retractable Enclosures, restaurants can change outdoor and indoor environment at any time. In sunny days, an opening environment allows the sunshine in and improves the air circulation. Once it starts to rain or snow, the previous opening environment can turn into an indoor setting manually or automatically within a minute, which allows to serve the customers and ensures a great dining experience.

Expanding outdoor space with Sunshield

With factory direct pricing, Sunshield’s Enclosures are considered to be an economical method of expanding commercial outdoor area and outdoor living space. These resilient custom-built enclosures will stand up to years of use. What’s more, they can be moved or reassembled in case of remodel or rebuild.

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