Is a conservatory worth the money? You have to read this!

Conservatory Roof Design 17.4×22×2.2 m (3)

Are you thinking about building a conservatory to expand the outdoor space? In this post, you’ll learn …

ⅠVersatility for new conservatories

ⅡWhat you can get from a conservatory?

ⅢHow much does a conservatory cost?

ⅣWhat other options are there to make it cheaper?

ⅤIs a prefab conservatory poor quality compare to a traditionally built one?

Versatility for new conservatories

When it comes to conservatories, most of people think about tropical plants nursery or living room at home. However, increasing business owners enhance the beauty of their business location with custom-made commercial conservatories.

Conservatories can not only be used as those typical objectives, but also a office, a rooftop bars, coffees shops and restaurants etc., which can enjoy uninterrupted view of outdoor environment. Here are some examples:

What you can get from a conservatory?

If you are a homeowner and thinking to add private conservatory, it will bring these benefits:

☑Expanding the living space

☑Add value to the house

If you are the business manager and want to build a commercial conservatory, it can help to:

☑Extend the business area

☑Enhance the beauty of your business location

☑Attract more customers

☑Increase the profits

Even though a conservatories can bring these great benefits, we still concern about the cost. The most frequently asked question we hear is “How much does a conservatory cost?”

Retractable Rooftop Enclosure-Sunshield-Shelter-3

How much does a conservatory cost?

The cost of conservatories depends on a lot of factors, like the size (large, medium or small), the materials (bricks, glass or PC panels), the accessories (windows, doors)labor cost and etc.

Though the cost of building a conservatory remains unclear, we can estimate the price somehow:

⒈ The larger the cheaper. If you build a small one, you cannot bargain the price. Once you want to build a large commercial conservatory, you can bargain the price on materials and cut down the price. If you know the concept of “Economic of Scale”, you know that the larger the more “cost-effective”.

⒉ PC panels< Glass <Brick. If you want to build it by bricks, it is the most expensive not only because of the materials itself but also the labor cost. The glass is less cheaper and the PC panels are the most economical choice.

⒊ Origin of country. Those materials or products made from developed country are costly comparing with those from developing countries.

What other options are there to make it cheaper?

You can choose a reliable brand specializing on prefabricated conservatories, like Sunshield. Sunshield is a company locates in China and produce prefabricated conservatory, sunroom and patio covers. With a competitive, Sunshield’s Enclosures are considered to be an economical method of expanding commercial outdoor area and outdoor living space.

Sunshield provides turnkey solution of conservatory. Firstly, designers of Sunshield can propose some ideas to meet customers’ need. Then, it strat to produce prefabricated conservatories in premium quality in China. Later, it delivers the product to oversea customers directly. They send the professional engineers to guide the installation if it is necessary. They cut down the wholesalers and retailers to provide the final customers a cost-plus pricing.


Is a prefab conservatory poor quality compare to a traditionally built one?

Sunshield only produce high grade conservatories and guarantee the quality of every products we sell. These resilient custom-built conservatories will stand up to years of use. What’s more, they can be moved or reassembled in case of remodel or rebuild.

Whether a conservatory is worth the money, it depends on what you are going to do with it and how much you invest it. If you build a conservatory for business, it can help to generate profits all year round. If you build it at home, you enjoy more than before, that is the spiritual benefits rather than economic benefits. If you can build a high-grade conservatory at an affordable price, it is absolutely worthy!

Whatever your final decision, we hope we have provided you with some useful information. If you have any other ideas, please leave your comment below.