Forget Swimming Pool Covers, Try Swimming Pool Enclosure

Swimming Pool Enclosure-Modern Sun Rooms: A Leading Trend In Outdoor Living
It’s no doubts that the swimming pool in our backyard is playing a quintessential role in promising joyful moments to our summertime.

Since having a swimming pool is a big thing for everyone, its daily maintenance might be a bit of an itching issue for us to totter-tatter a lot.

You tackle things constantly like clearing leaves and debris, reducing your heating bill as well as seeking to add fewer chemicals. And at times we might think that getting a pool cover seems to be a hell of a good option.

However, many people don’t like the winter pool covers like water bag pool cover. It makes quick swim impossible for it takes time to roll the cover off before swimming, which does sabotage the luxury swimming experience.
Pool covers work best on rectangular pools, yet they are difficult and impractical to use on irregularly shaped pools. If your pool shape is special design like this swimming pool below, it may not be possible to use a pool cover.

What’s more, based on the feedback we found from the end-user experience, the pool cover still is not quite promising in terms of firmness.
That’s when a pool enclosure comes into the play.

First of all, it looks good. It’s not eliminating any of the aesthetic design of a pool. It even elaborates it with a more sophisticated appearance.

Secondly, an enclosure can provide year-round versatility. Especially, it keeps your pool warm during winter. Most pool enclosures products are made of polycarbonate sheets. The polycarbonate sheets are the perfect material for trapping heat, therefore maintaining a warm environmental condition.

Also, for families with little kids, the pool enclosure ensures safety. It’s mildly dangerous for your kids to play outside alone when you have a pool installed in your backyard. The well-designed structure prevents your kids from running into the pool. After all, as one of our customers puts it, “What could possibly be more important than safety concern?”  
There are various kinds of pool enclosures, such as fixed or retractable swimming pool enclosures:

1. Fixed Swimming Pool Enclosures

With fixed pool swimming enclosures, you can get a unique experience enjoying charming view outsides with indoor comfort. With fixed swimming pool enclosure, you enjoy a stunning indoor swimming pool all year round.

2. Retractable Pool Enclosures

Retractable pool enclosures could be opened and closed manually or automatically. It have all the advantages that pool covers and fixed swimming pool enclosures have. Further more, retractable pool enclosures are flexible to change indoors or outdoors at your will.

3.Telescopic Swimming Pool Enclosures

Shelter design a customized telescopic pool enclosures to satisfy our clients, letting them enjoy the incredible night view through these telescopic pool enclosures. Swimming lovers can even enjoy swimming during evenings free from the cool breeze of the night.

Modern Retractable Pool Enclosure For Villas Hotels Resorts-Sunshield-Shelter-12M-5.4M-White-5
Modern Retractable Pool Enclosure For Villas Hotels Resorts-Sunshield-Shelter-12M-5.4M-White-2

4.Lean-To Swimming Pool Enclosures

The lean-to enclosures are attached directly to the house and parallel to it. This configuration is perfect for pools located very close to a building and those which require direct access to the pool from the home.

5. Free Standing Pool Enclosures

If your swimming pool is quite far from the house, you can take free standing swimming pool enclosure into consideration.


Shelter design this free standing swimming pool enclosure to allow you to enjoy 360-degree views of the surrounding mountains. A freestanding retractable pool enclosure can be opened in nice weather and closed in bad weather.
Swimming Pool Enclosure-Modern Sun Rooms: A Leading Trend In Outdoor Living

Overall, if you are dire for a better approach to pool maintenance and, meanwhile, keep the design of your pool intact, the pool screen enclosure deserves a top ranking on your shopping list.

You can check Sunshield pool enclosure design case, we provide full service for your pool enclosure design.

Something you Should Know Before Building Year Round Pool Enclosures

swimming-pool-enclosure-installation- how to build a pool screen enclosure-DIY Pool enclosures-Sunshield Shelter

In-ground year-round pool enclosures help to maintain the in-ground pool in a better way. It not only allows you to swim all year round since you can climate control the area, but it also protects from the burning sun and reduce the skin cancers. How can UV  range damage your family?

Intense heat from the sun can cause a pool to deteriorate. For the pool, it keeps the water moderate as it keeps the sun away. It also provides more other key benefits including:

1.Less debris in the pool
2.Better protection against kids falling in the pool
3.More privacy paradise: No passer-by staring from now on

All in all, this should help ensure the pool not only looks amazing outside your house but has the features and functions that make sense for you and your family. Here are something you should know before building year round pool enclosures.

Types of pool enclosures

When choosing the types of year-round pool enclosures, some homeowners choose to enclose the pool alone, while others enclose the entire outdoor space that will be used for swimming and socializing.

-Freestanding Pool Enclosures

surround the pool alone and offer an outside “house” with a full-size wall and ceiling. Medium and high telescopic pool cage offers plenty of freedom space in and out of swimming pool shelter.

– Wall Attached Pool Enclosures

is suitable for those pools which near the building wall. It does both harmonies with the building and saves cost.

Types of pool enclosures - retractable pool enclosures styles -shape and size pool enclosures- sunshield shelter

How to build a pool screen enclosure?

Before you buy or build a year-round swimming pool enclosure, you should know 3 things. Here are a few of the steps that are involved when building a pool in your backyard.


Obtaining permits

Before construction can begin, the right permits need to be pulled and obtained. Retractable pool enclosures are classified as temporary structures so it is arguable that you do not need planning permission while the portable pool covers do not need permits. However, the permits needed vary based on the country, state,city you reside in. Sunshield Shelter knows what permits to build and get them.

how to build a swimming pool enclosure-preparing the ground-flatten the pool deck-sunshield pool enclosures

Preparing the ground

Step 1: Preparing the required tools as below

It is necessary to keep the inner width of the enclosure(between inside edges of the rails) which must be checked by measuring diagonals and rail axis width(inner axis width and the distance from the outer edge of the pool.

Installing Pool Enclosure Track-Pool Enclosure Installatio Step -SUNSHIELD Retractable Pool Enclosure

Step 2: Fixing the rails and then measure the rails

Installing-Pool-Enclosure-Pool-Enclosure-Installation-Step-3 (1).jpg

Step 3: Installing the pre-assembled screen enclosures to installed tracks.

Sunshield polycarbonate telescopic enclosure is specifically designed with a minimal number of components and is already partially assembled when delivered. You just need to install the sliding wheels at the bottom of pool enclosures.

automatic pool enclosure-year round smart pool enclosures -auto control pool enclosures-sunshield shelter

Step 4: (Optional) Installing the motor if you build the automatic retractable pool enclosures cage.

How much does it cost to screen in a pool?

One of the biggest objections to a telescopic pool enclosure is that it seems so permanent and need a cost of thousands of dollars to buy while choosing a portable fabric pool cover only cost one-tenth of the polycarbonate/glass pool enclosures.See Polycarbonate vs Glass

Which one should you choose in terms of such disparity? Let’s discuss their cost breakdown

Permanent (30years lifespan) pool enclosures

Cost breakdown:

Screen materials: an average of $15 per square foot depending on your design (they can range anywhere from $5-$25).

Labor: depending on which contractors you hire. Certainly, DIY small [3m to 6m span(10-20feet width)], residential pool enclosures could install by 2-3 homeowners.

Average cost: Assuming a pool enclosure that measures an enclosure [10′ by 20′ pool and a 6′ sidewalk), the total cost will be an average of about $8,000-$8500.

Portable fabric pool cover

Portable Fabric Pool Cover is typically made of Polypropylene Mesh, Scrim Vinyl Coated Mesh or PVC Coated Polyester Solid. They allow you to do it yourself. Keep in mind that portable fabric pool cover will need to be put up and taken down each season.

Cost breakdown:

It takes dozens of dollars depending on the materials you used.

Why Polycarbonate Enclosure is Better than Glass? | Polycarbonate Panels VS Glass

Why Polycarbonate Enclosure is Better than Glass-Polycarbonate Panels VS Glass-SUNSHIELD Large Pool Enclosure

If you’ve been searching for an outdoor swimming pool enclosure or patio enclosure, you’ve already known there are several types to choose from like glass enclosure, polycarbonate enclosure, operable & sealed enclosure etc. If you are a bargain hunter, you would find that the retractable solid polycarbonate enclosures are a great deal in the terms of GOOD, FAST, CHEAP.
If you are traditionists may still go for glass pool enclosures. But let’s take a closer look at Solid Polycarbonate vs Glass then you would find the answer why PC enclosure have been popular?


Polycarbonate vs Glass: Polycarbonate is Shatterproof and more durable than Glass

A glass is synonymous with “breakable” while polycarbonate sheet is half the weight & has 250 -300 times impact resistance better than glass and 30 times better than acrylic.
The polycarbonate sheet is shatterproof even when it hit with a 3kg hammer from 2 meters (6’). Definitely, it would be one solid material to protect your patio, pool or spa from heavy storm and snow.

Keep It Warm with Better Insulation of Polycarbonate
Poly Sheet has lower thermal conductivity than glass or acrylic and at the end of the day, polycarbonate panel insulates up to 60% better than glass panels.
UV Protection
Though glass can resist the harmful UV by adding a special chemical coating, the poly sheet with co-extruded UV-absorbing layer can blocks out 98% UV rays and keep your skin safe. You could read, rest or swim anytime.

Polycarbonate vs Glass:● Fabrication —Unlimited Design  ●More Options


Polycarbonate sheet can be bent, polished, milled so polycarbonate sunroom can be created into curved, arched, dome and more designs.
Fabricating glass requires sophisticated machines which are expensive and that’s why traditional glass sunrooms are normally straight shape.
A curved glass is more expensive than a curved polycarbonate sheet. That’s why you could get a polycarbonate pool enclosure started at $2999 but a glass enclosure costs over $10,000.

●More Options

On the other hand, retractable polycarbonate enclosure could achieve indoor warm and outdoor free which people wish.
With a polycarbonate sheet, manufacturers can comfortably produce either a fixed or retractable/telescopic pool enclosure and people can enjoy swimming even in the dead of winter.

Polycarbonate vs Glass: ● Delivery ●Installation

Polycarbonate sheet is lighter than the glass for easy delivering and installation. SUNSHIELD enclosures were specifically designed with a minimal number of components and are already partially assembled when delivered. With a basic understanding of construction and the required equipment, as few as two people can build an enclosure in 1-2 days.

Installation Finish - Pool Enclosure Installation - How to build a pool enclosure

Polycarbonate vs Glass: ●Delivery  ● Cost  ● Reinforcement


Polycarbonate can be bent in a smaller size and easy to package. It can save more packaging cost and freight than glass.

●Cost & Reinforcement

Polycarbonate sheet is cheaper than the glass in the same area.
More so, the poly sheet is the half weight of glass. Does this affect the enclosure? Yes definitely. Let us take a deep look.
Firstly, more installation cost
Heavy glass enclosure requires more labor and expect more installation cost.
Secondly, more reinforcement for the groundwork.
Heavy structures would require more reinforcement for the pool deck groundwork.
Thirdly, more aluminum alloy
As the structure will require more reinforcement, the beams and connecting sections will need more aluminum alloy.

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