Sunshield Resort Luxury Insulated Retractable Pool Enclosures


Sunshield Resort Luxury Insulated Retractable Pool Enclosures

If you want to create an elegant and romantic environment around your pool or spa, retractable pool enclosures can be on your list.

Firstly, it is flexible to change indoor and outdoor environment with retractable system, so it allows everyone could enjoy swimming in sunny day outdoor while indoor in rainy or windy day. Secondly, with retractable pool enclosure, you can provide service to your guests all year round and increase your profits annually. Thirdly, the elegant design of pool enclosure make your pool look stylish than before.

Auto Telescopic Pool Enclosure For Hotel/SPA/Resort


Perfect luxurious swimming experience

The automatic telescopic pool enclosure provides you perfect luxurious swimming experience. A telescopic pool enclosure is a stunning cover for your swimming pool and creates a new appeal. What’s more, it has many advantages besides that:

☑Make it possible to swim in adverse weather

☑Keep the pool free from debris

☑Protect the pool from damage UV rays

☑Keep warm in winter and cool in summer

☑Reduce the costs of maintaining the pool, like chlorine, etc.