Is a conservatory worth the money? You have to read this!

Conservatory Roof Design 17.4×22×2.2 m (3)

Are you thinking about building a conservatory to expand the outdoor space? In this post, you’ll learn …

ⅠVersatility for new conservatories

ⅡWhat you can get from a conservatory?

ⅢHow much does a conservatory cost?

ⅣWhat other options are there to make it cheaper?

ⅤIs a prefab conservatory poor quality compare to a traditionally built one?

Versatility for new conservatories

When it comes to conservatories, most of people think about tropical plants nursery or living room at home. However, increasing business owners enhance the beauty of their business location with custom-made commercial conservatories.

Conservatories can not only be used as those typical objectives, but also a office, a rooftop bars, coffees shops and restaurants etc., which can enjoy uninterrupted view of outdoor environment. Here are some examples:

What you can get from a conservatory?

If you are a homeowner and thinking to add private conservatory, it will bring these benefits:

☑Expanding the living space

☑Add value to the house

If you are the business manager and want to build a commercial conservatory, it can help to:

☑Extend the business area

☑Enhance the beauty of your business location

☑Attract more customers

☑Increase the profits

Even though a conservatories can bring these great benefits, we still concern about the cost. The most frequently asked question we hear is “How much does a conservatory cost?”

Retractable Rooftop Enclosure-Sunshield-Shelter-3

How much does a conservatory cost?

The cost of conservatories depends on a lot of factors, like the size (large, medium or small), the materials (bricks, glass or PC panels), the accessories (windows, doors)labor cost and etc.

Though the cost of building a conservatory remains unclear, we can estimate the price somehow:

⒈ The larger the cheaper. If you build a small one, you cannot bargain the price. Once you want to build a large commercial conservatory, you can bargain the price on materials and cut down the price. If you know the concept of “Economic of Scale”, you know that the larger the more “cost-effective”.

⒉ PC panels< Glass <Brick. If you want to build it by bricks, it is the most expensive not only because of the materials itself but also the labor cost. The glass is less cheaper and the PC panels are the most economical choice.

⒊ Origin of country. Those materials or products made from developed country are costly comparing with those from developing countries.

What other options are there to make it cheaper?

You can choose a reliable brand specializing on prefabricated conservatories, like Sunshield. Sunshield is a company locates in China and produce prefabricated conservatory, sunroom and patio covers. With a competitive, Sunshield’s Enclosures are considered to be an economical method of expanding commercial outdoor area and outdoor living space.

Sunshield provides turnkey solution of conservatory. Firstly, designers of Sunshield can propose some ideas to meet customers’ need. Then, it strat to produce prefabricated conservatories in premium quality in China. Later, it delivers the product to oversea customers directly. They send the professional engineers to guide the installation if it is necessary. They cut down the wholesalers and retailers to provide the final customers a cost-plus pricing.


Is a prefab conservatory poor quality compare to a traditionally built one?

Sunshield only produce high grade conservatories and guarantee the quality of every products we sell. These resilient custom-built conservatories will stand up to years of use. What’s more, they can be moved or reassembled in case of remodel or rebuild.

Whether a conservatory is worth the money, it depends on what you are going to do with it and how much you invest it. If you build a conservatory for business, it can help to generate profits all year round. If you build it at home, you enjoy more than before, that is the spiritual benefits rather than economic benefits. If you can build a high-grade conservatory at an affordable price, it is absolutely worthy!

Whatever your final decision, we hope we have provided you with some useful information. If you have any other ideas, please leave your comment below.

Modern Sun Rooms: A Leading Trend In Outdoor Living


Modern Sun Rooms are becoming increasingly popular today, as more and more homeowners and commercial properties owners are coming to realize the true benefits of these practical, flexible, attractive and cosy additions.

Emerging Modern Sun Rooms Meet Large Demand

Traditional sunrooms are disappearing due to several reasons. Firstly, Traditional Sunrooms are made of steel structure and glass, which are costly not only because of the materials but also the labour cost. Secondly, they may have air leakage problem, due to the fact that some constructors have not handled properly. Thirdly, as glass is a poor insulator for heat, Traditional Sun Rooms made of glass are sweltering at high temperature. All of these reasons limit the use of Traditional Sun Rooms.
Nowadays, Modern Sun Rooms provide the perfect experience, due to the development of Sunroom technology and construction. They can slot gacor control the entry of the sun’s heat and damage UV rays, yet let in plenty of sunlight.

Premium quality of Modern Sun Rooms

Sunshield, one of the leading companies in the outdoors prefabricated building industry, has mastered the art of creating breathtaking and unique practical sunroom enclosures, undertaking plenty of sunroom projects.
“One of the favourable factors with polycarbonate panels is their high resistance to heat and cold. Also, high-grade PC panels can block 98% of UV rays. Therefore, Modern Sunroom’s wall is usually made from glass or polycarbonate panels while the roof is made from polycarbonate panels,” said Summer judi slot online jackpot terbesar Chou of Sunshield. “We build the frame with Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6, which shows the gorgeous colour and never rust after Electrophoretic Painting Processes. Then, we covered it with transparent polycarbonate panels.”
“Before the prefab Rooftop Enclosure can be shipped as a kit, our engineers would assemble to complete the quality test, assuring that our Sun Rooms meet the requirement of wind and slot online yang sering kasih jackpot snow loads.”

More New Products for Outside Entertaining

Modern Sun Rooms are versatile and widely used to build an outdoor entertainment space in residential properties and commercial space. With outdoor appliances, these outdoor entertainment space have become the most popular “room” in the house or commercial properties. From backyard fireplaces to outdoor dining and living room areas, the options when designing the outside spaces are nearly endless.

Increasing commercial properties owners and homeowners desire to build Modern Sun Rooms as an investment. There is a huge demand of Modern Sun Rooms in the market and we are busy with answering calls every day. Last year, we completed dozen of sunroom projects. ”

The Future of Sun Rooms

In the near future, Modern Sunroom will change into Smart Sunroom, which respond to the needs of the users by controlling and monitoring connected home devices from smartphones or other networked devices with AI system.


Cooperating with companies that specialize in advanced lighting IoT (Internet of Things), HVAC system, and other smart home technologies, Sunshield invests largely in the R&D department to invent the upcoming generation sunroom.


If you are unsure or have questions about planning your sunroom space, Sunshield can help! Our design consultants are product experts and can help you determine the best type of sunroom to meet your needs and lifestyle. Schedule a free quote now!

Why Polycarbonate Enclosure is Better than Glass? | Polycarbonate Panels VS Glass

Why Polycarbonate Enclosure is Better than Glass-Polycarbonate Panels VS Glass-SUNSHIELD Large Pool Enclosure

If you’ve been searching for an outdoor swimming pool enclosure or patio enclosure, you’ve already known there are several types to choose from like glass enclosure, polycarbonate enclosure, operable & sealed enclosure etc. If you are a bargain hunter, you would find that the retractable solid polycarbonate enclosures are a great deal in the terms of GOOD, FAST, CHEAP.
If you are traditionists may still go for glass pool enclosures. But let’s take a closer look at Solid Polycarbonate vs Glass then you would find the answer why PC enclosure have been popular?


Polycarbonate vs Glass: Polycarbonate is Shatterproof and more durable than Glass

A glass is synonymous with “breakable” while polycarbonate sheet is half the weight & has 250 -300 times impact resistance better than glass and 30 times better than acrylic.
The polycarbonate sheet is shatterproof even when it hit with a 3kg hammer from 2 meters (6’). Definitely, it would be one solid material to protect your patio, pool or spa from heavy storm and snow.

Keep It Warm with Better Insulation of Polycarbonate
Poly Sheet has lower thermal conductivity than glass or acrylic and at the end of the day, polycarbonate panel insulates up to 60% better than glass panels.
UV Protection
Though glass can resist the harmful UV by adding a special chemical coating, the poly sheet with co-extruded UV-absorbing layer can blocks out 98% UV rays and keep your skin safe. You could read, rest or swim anytime.

Polycarbonate vs Glass:● Fabrication —Unlimited Design  ●More Options


Polycarbonate sheet can be bent, polished, milled so polycarbonate sunroom can be created into curved, arched, dome and more designs.
Fabricating glass requires sophisticated machines which are expensive and that’s why traditional glass sunrooms are normally straight shape.
A curved glass is more expensive than a curved polycarbonate sheet. That’s why you could get a polycarbonate pool enclosure started at $2999 but a glass enclosure costs over $10,000.

●More Options

On the other hand, retractable polycarbonate enclosure could achieve indoor warm and outdoor free which people wish.
With a polycarbonate sheet, manufacturers can comfortably produce either a fixed or retractable/telescopic pool enclosure and people can enjoy swimming even in the dead of winter.

Polycarbonate vs Glass: ● Delivery ●Installation

Polycarbonate sheet is lighter than the glass for easy delivering and installation. SUNSHIELD enclosures were specifically designed with a minimal number of components and are already partially assembled when delivered. With a basic understanding of construction and the required equipment, as few as two people can build an enclosure in 1-2 days.

Installation Finish - Pool Enclosure Installation - How to build a pool enclosure

Polycarbonate vs Glass: ●Delivery  ● Cost  ● Reinforcement


Polycarbonate can be bent in a smaller size and easy to package. It can save more packaging cost and freight than glass.

●Cost & Reinforcement

Polycarbonate sheet is cheaper than the glass in the same area.
More so, the poly sheet is the half weight of glass. Does this affect the enclosure? Yes definitely. Let us take a deep look.
Firstly, more installation cost
Heavy glass enclosure requires more labor and expect more installation cost.
Secondly, more reinforcement for the groundwork.
Heavy structures would require more reinforcement for the pool deck groundwork.
Thirdly, more aluminum alloy
As the structure will require more reinforcement, the beams and connecting sections will need more aluminum alloy.

You would get the best value of residential/ commercial enclosures from SUNSHIELD
We Do it All.
We design, produce, install and service and warrant all of our sunroom enclosure.
Customized Design


100% custom for your home. We design and manufacture one-of-a-kind modern sunroom as per your requirement.
Commercial Enclosure Interior Design Ideas.
Our professional interior designer would give you unexpected ideas of the indoor decoration. We have some optional for Sun House addition such as the thickness of polycarbonate panel & glass, roof.
We want you to feel comfortable with our sunroom extension. We would recommend you some sunroom plan within your budget. Share your idea with us Contact @