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The Measurement of The Patio Enclosure

Once you decide to install a patio enclosure, what is the next step and preparation? In order to facilitate communication with the sunroom manufacturer, you can measure the site where the sunroom will be installed. Then the question is raised up. How to measure the patio enclosure? From which angle should you measure? And what tools do you need? This post will solve the question above. Nowadays, the retractable freestanding sunroom and lean-to sunroom is trendy. So the following text will show you the ways to measure these two patio cover.

The Measurement of The Freestanding Patio Enclosure

shelter freestanding patio enclosure measuring7
1.Standing at a distance and shoot from the front view of the site.
2.Standing in the four cardinal points of the compass of the site and photograph it at close range.
3.Standing on the diagonal and photograph it from a distance.
4.If possible, standing in the highland opposite the site and shoot from the front view.
5.Video recording around the site at a speed of 0.3m/s. All the important details should be highlighted in the video.
6. Drawing the condition of the site and tag the size of the floor. (If you use the enclosure as the pool enclosure, need to tag the size of the pool). Also, the pillar, fish pool, and other existed structures in the site are required to be tagged for more specific data.
7.Next, is the topographic map. The terrain structure needs to be simply drawn like this picture. Besides, the topographic should be attached to the description of the ground flatness(flat or sloping). It is more convenient for the technical department to design and install.
8.If you plan to install the electric/ water equipment, the size, and place of the power box, drainage outlet, water inlet should be marked.

The Measurement of The Lean-to Patio Enclosure









9. Remember, for the lean-to sunroom, the wall structure drawing is required. Like the topographic map, also need to attach the description of the ground flatness(flat or sloping).

Additional Notes

1. Measuring Tools: Generally, you can use the tape measure. But if you plan to build up a large size patio cover, it is better to measure it with the laser measuring tool.  
2. Besides the above-required pictures, you can take more pictures as much as possible. No matter what pictures, the pictures must be clear.
3. All the necessary size should be correct and the condition of the installation site should be stated as clearly as possible.
4. It is perfect that if the electronic drawing of the site can be provided.