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Why Sliding Swimming Pool Enclosures?


Overview of Sliding Swimming Pool Enclosures

Sliding Swimming Pool Enclosures or Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosures are pool enclosures that incorporate sliding system or retractable system. Sunshield Sliding Pool Enclosures are composed of covers (glass or PC panels) and the aluminum alloy frame with sliding system that retracts against the pool enclosure.

Manual vs. Motorized sliding system

Sliding system can be divided into two type, manual operating system and automatic (electric) operating system (Sunshield provides both). Automatic sliding pool enclosure help to save both time and effort while manual one requires human power to operate. However, manual sliding pool enclosure cost much less than automatic one and doesn’t require electricity, which saves on electricity costs.

Versatility of Sliding Swimming Pool Enclosure

The Lean-To Sliding Pool Enclosure is attached directly to the villa and parallels to it. It is designed to provide an operable extension to swimming pools, giving the flexibility of an indoor or outdoor swimming experience.

Sunshield Sliding Swimming Pool Enclosure protects swimming pool from inclement weather in close, while pool or spa can be outdoors instantly by simply with a push of button back into its open position.

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